The Jax JavaScript HTTP Library has a browser object that helps to get browser-specific information from the user client and handle specific browser-related functions.

Open a New Window

You can open a new browser window using the method below. Accepted option object properties are:

  • width
  • height
  • scroll
  • resize
  • status
  • location
  • menu
  • tool
  • x
  • y'', 'my-popup', {"with" : 640, "height" : 480});

Routing Based on Device

You can route to a specific URL based on the device detected. You can set the desktop URL property, the mobile URL property for a all-inclusive mobile URL, or you can set a device-specific URL property

var options = {
    "desktop" : '',
    "ipad"    : '',
    "iphone"  : '',
    "android" : '',